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November 17, 2004

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Author: Brian Battles
Platform: Windows
Type: Windows Application


I have searched everywhere for a way to add multiple "spammer" addresses/domains to the Global Message Filtering list in Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, and there didn''t seem to be any way to do it. (The Management Console app only lets you enter them one at a time by hand.) So I found some bits and pieces of other things on the web and cobbled together this application.

It works fine on my machine here, and I would like to know if others might like to experiment with it and see if it works for them, or how it could be improved.

The application source code (Visual Basic 6.0) is posted on Planet Source Code, and I'd like to let others know about it. Here's the link:

This application was initially adapted from a Windows script by Siegfried Weber of Additional assistance was generously provided by Microsoft Exchange geniuses Glen Scales ([email protected]), Ethan Wilansky ([email protected]), Brian Veal ([email protected]) and Mark Fugatt ([email protected]).

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please let me know!

-- Brian

Download Location:

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